It’s Going to be -16 Degrees Where I Used To Live

la crosse weather.png

The day I decided I’d had enough is a day I’ll never forget.  It was May 1st.  I walked outside to make the 8 minute commute to the office to find my windshield frozen.  I had to scrape my f’ing windshield on May 1st. That is real.  The ‘feels like’ temps are laughable.  The actual temps are life threatening.  This is how I lived every winter for 2+ years.

I’ll never forget on my interview when a wise man said, and I quote, “you do realize there is a big difference between 0 and -20, right?”  I laughed it off at first.  Of course it’s different old man.  But how cold could it be?  At some point you are just freaking really cold.  Uhhhh no, dude. It’s not the same.

One morning I got in my car and the car thermometer read -21.  That wasn’t feels like, that was the actual temperature outside.  Later that morning Mrs. Duke sent me this snap before she started her walk to work.  Keep in mind, she worked about 200 yards from our place downtown…


Another time we had about a 30 minute debate on whether it was worth crossing the street from my place to the bar.  Spoiler:  we didn’t leave.  Too cold.

Just a wild place.  To be honest, I loved my time in La Crosse.  The people were amazing, there is a ton of stuff to do for the 3 months the weather is nice and I found my wife.  Did I find my wife and then immediately scoop here out of there and move back to the Atl?  You bet your ass I did.  But I still liked it there.

Oh, Atlanta’s forecast this weekend?  Chilly!

atl weather.png


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