US Gymnastics Rampant With Sexual Abuse

Bleacher Report – As part of an investigative report conducted by the Indianapolis Star, it was revealed Thursday that at least 368 gymnasts from across the United States have alleged sexual abuse by adults within the sport over the past 20 years.

Woah.  This is bad, guys.  The article points out that the stats bear out to one sexual abuse every 20 days.  Also remember a couple things here: 1) these athletes are usually VERY young and 2) it’s both men and women competing.

Image result for us gymnastics team

These girls were the superstars of the summer.  Faces everywhere.  America’s sweethearts.  They are also relatively “old” in the gymnastics world, ranging between 18-22.  Think of the thousands of countless faces that are 4-18 years old working like crazy to get where they are.  To think they are being subjected to this kind of abuse is disgusting.

Here is the tough part moving forward, what do we do with US gymnastics?  Do you shut the program down and punish those who have either been victims or innocent bystanders?  That doesn’t seem fair.

Do you fire every adult involved and start over?  Yes.  I think you do. You fire every mother fucker who has the responsibility to watch over these young people and let them down.  Who cares if we take a step back for 4-8 years.  This is much bigger than sports.

I didn’t know I’d wake up and get fired up about women’s gymnastics but here we are.  The internet is a weird and disgusting place. This is a wrong we can’t let go.


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