ATL Utd Is Playing Chess and I Love It

Expansion Draft Recap

Lot of brains up there.  Lot of em.  Eales was as cool as Stuart Scott’s grave (RIP) when calling in the picks but Atl Utd FC always seemed to be a step ahead.  ESPECIALLY when considered against the team they were drafting with, Minnesota United FC.  Let’s go to twitter for example A:

Minnesota showing the classic case of me trying to pass a class in college.  Don’t do shit until the last minute and try to cram all night.  “Look how hard I’m working!  Pulling an all nighter over here!”  Meanwhile…

BURN. Just playing a little golf while you clowns are cramming for a test.  These two tweets show the difference between the clubs.  ATL is playing for keeps.

How would it play out today during the draft?

2016 MLS Expansion Draft Results

Atlanta United Minnesota United
Atlanta United : Donny Toia (MTL) Minnesota United: Chris Duvall (RBNY)
Atlanta United : Zach Loyd (DAL) Minnesota United: Collen Warner (HOU)
Atlanta United : Clint Irwin (TOR) Minnesota United: Mohammed Saeid (CLB)
Atlanta United : Mikey Ambrose (ORL) Minnesota United: Jeff Attinella (RSL)
Atlanta United : Alec Kann (SKC) Minnesota United: Femi Hollinger-Janzen (NE)

On the surface?  I’ll take it.  ATL Utd missed out on the hometown kid in Chris Duvall but they picked up some VERY quality pieces.  Loyd looks like a starter for the next 5 years.  He has caps with the US Men’s National team.  Irwin just started the MLS Cup final BUT don’t we have Brad Guzan on the way?

ATL immediately traded their first overall pick, Donny Toia to Orlando City FC for their first pick in the MLS Super Draft.  The 8th overall pick to be exact.  With their own #2 pick that gives them 2 top 10 picks.  Bada Bing Bada Boom.

They weren’t done there.  Irwin, that goalie we got from Toronto FC.  Ealsey had an Ace up his sleeve.  He knew Toronto wanted to hang on to Irwin.  They took Irwin in the 3rd round so my inclination is that this was not a done deal before the draft.  Atl immediately traded Irwin back to Toronto for the player they really wanted, Mark Bloom (a GA native) and allocation money.  This is a HUGE pick up.  With the moves we are making, the more allocation money the better.

We weren’t done there….and it’s not over the line just yet BUT, rumor has it we have a legitimate Paraguayan Messi on the way.  Oscar Romero.  Remember the name folks.  Watch this:

I LOVE the fact that we now have 3 young DP skill players.  This team is going to be FUN to watch and we are going to score a TON of goals.  Brilliant day for ATL Utd.

Darren Eales and Bocanegra like

aziz money gif

Dude, working for Arthur Blank has to be so fucking cool.  Look where these 4 gents were working today.


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