MLS Expansion Draft Tomorrow

Who will ATL Utd Take?

As many of you now know, we are BIG TIME Atlanta United FC fans here at Over Easy Sports.  Founding members.  Season ticket holders.  We bleed red, literally.

Tuesday is a big day in franchise history as the Expansion Draft takes place.  For those that don’t know, MLS released a list of rules for the draft. Basically, the league announced that the 2016 Expansion Draft will include five rounds, giving Atlanta United FC and Minnesota United FC the opportunity to pick five players each ahead of their entry into the league 2017.  The Expansion Draft will be held on Dec. 13 at 2 pm ET.

ATL Utd has the first pick in the expansion draft and there is sooooo much at play here.  Who will Minnesota take?  How does this player fit into our salary cap?  Do we take best available talent or more of a player that fits a position need?  Darren Eales and Carlos Bocanegra have a job on their hands.  While they may not find a super star, I hope they find good young depth.

They were also busy this weekend with the mini-trade window.  They picked up some interesting pieces, notably Michael Parkhurst who should provide some stability to the defense.  One move I am not thrilled with is the flipping of Sean Johnson to NYFC.  This was done to create room for the acquisition of US Men’s National Team goalie, Brad Guzan. I don’t know that Guzan is worth the extra money to make this move make sense.  In saying that, having a spine of Guzan, Parkhurst, McCann, Almiron and Jones is a great start!

The protected players list will be released later today.  Check back in to see who GM Duke would take.


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