Ball Don’t Lie…NBA Recap

And were bacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk…….

Another week down in the NBA and another unbelievable week by Russell Westbrook.  The dude has 7 straight TRIPLE doubles and 12 on the season.  The 7 in a row ties MJ for the longest triple double streak since 89.  Another story to keep an eye on is the play of Giannis Antetokounmpo aka THE GREEK FREEEEAAAAAKKKK.  Dude leads the Bucks in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.  And of course we cant forget about the KING, Lebron James became the first person to reach 27,000 points, 7,000 assists and 7,000 rebounds.

FREAK of the Week: CP3 – Sunday against the Pelicans he went for 20/20 with ZERO turnovers.  He continues to lead a Clippers team that is playing some great ball.


POWER Rankings:

  1. WARRIORS: (20-4) – Continue to roll on everyone.  A minor setback with the lost to the Grizz by 21.  This team is still on pace for 70 wins and I believe still figuring each other out.
  2. CAVS: (17-5) – The best team in the East and it aint even close.  Lebron is the real MVP.  All the doubts the Kevin Love did not fit in with this team are gone.  He has been playing great and is averaging a double double.
  3. ROCKETS: (17-7) – Winners of 6 in a row, including beating Westbrook and the Thunder. James Harden has been lighting people up and leads the league in Dropping Dimes (like, subscribe, review the pod).
  4. SPURS: (19-5) – Yeah but who cares.  Pop is an awesome coach but his dumb ass I hate everything even though my team is awesome attitude is old.  FUCK EM.
  5. CLIPPERS/RAPTORS: Tie for 5th because you already stopped caring about my analysis.  Both teams are good and are playoff teams but have no chance at making it to the finals.

MVP RACE: Much like the Heisman trophy, we could give Russ the award now and nobody would care.

  1. Westbrook
  2. Harden
  3. Lebron


DRAFT Forecast: When your favorite team (Sixers) are out of playoff contention before Christmas you gotta start planning ahead.  #trusttheprocess.  Our friends at have the most up to date projections.  Check it….





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