ATL Utd Should Target These Players for the MLS Expansion Draft Tomorrow

These are flyers people, not the top 3 picks in the draft!

Again, this is not where you find 5 starters and move on with your day but the MLS Expansion draft is a place to find depth and young talent.  That is the focus of this blog this evening.  There are players available that make sense for ATL United.

Dirty South Soccer has a pretty decent breakdown of a few players available so I wanted to look a bit outside that list.  Here is who caught my eye.

Gideon Baah – D – NYRB

Check out some highlights from his debut earlier this year. He’s going to cost close to a quarter of a million bucks but he has instant starter next to Michael Parkhurst written all over him.  Unless the brains upstairs have a better plan at the other CB spot, this would be money well spent.  He is coming off of a broken leg and it would be nice to know how he has recovered.  The other down side is that this means that Chris Duvall is not available for selection if Baah is chosen.


Will Johnson – M – Toronto FC

Perhaps I’m missing something here, and it’s most likely due to the cap number but getting an engine for your midfield in the expansion draft entices me.  He didn’t get the start in the MLS Cup final but he’s right around 30 years old and has some life left in his legs.  With McCann providing the anchor, Johnson could provide the work rate to allow Almiron the freedom to stay forward and create.   The other thought is that they simply wait to take him in free agency.

Valentin Zarek – D – Portland Timbers

This would be a bit of a wild card but I think Zarek still has some growth to his game and would add another body to the back.  Cheap at under $100k and just 26 years old, this would be a different pick but one to watch for. He provides versatility in that he can play both inside and outside in the back.



Slim pickings folks but these are the cards we’ve been dealt.




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