Hugh Hefner is DEAD – Maybe

In 1971 Hefner bought the original Playboy Mansion for a then handsome $1 million.  He never looked back.  This dude was the best.  The Playboy before playboys were a thing.

hef 1.jpg

Just listen to this story.

Izabella St. James recalls that every Friday, Hugh would line up his girls and give them their $1,000 weekly allowance while he picked up dog poo on the carpet from the night before. 

HAHAHA just giving half naked girls staying at his house $1k while he does the most menial of tasks around the mansion.

How about the time John Lennon was on a break from his chick…

While on a break from being with Yoko Ono, John Lennon went on a heavy drinking bending at the Mansion. He nearly destroyed one of Hef’s prized art possessions by using the Matisse painting as an ashtray. Lennon somehow talked his way out of it without getting beat to a pulp by security.  

One more for good measure…

A Playmate who stayed at the mansion for five days Jill Ann Spaulding, says she witnessed Hugh involved in an orgy with 10 women, but he would not wear condoms. She adds that groups of girls would surround the Playboy magnate while he pleasured himself, and they cheered him on.

God speed, Hef.  Good luck getting the angels naked upstairs.  RIP captain. 

(h/t to for the stories)


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