Okay okay, I know you’re not supposed to throw around the MUST WATCH lightly and there’s not much like the disappointment when someone throws around a MUST WATCH and it turns out to be a dude punching a kangaroo in the face…

Okay okay, that was kinda funny too but NOT MUST WATCH! I thought this was about to be a legit boxing match between a drunk Aussie and a short-armed wild animal!!

Anyways, you are probably wondering by now… Hey Doug, who the hell is that guy with pterodactyl arms palming two basketballs in the headline? Well I’ll feed you baby birds…

It’s none other than your possible #1 draft pick who will be heading straight to Philly in about 7 months to join Simmons, Embiid, Okafor, and Noel (once they trade at least two of those guys it will be more like Simmons, Embiid and eight 2nd round picks).

2017 NBA Mock Draft

We’re talking about Markelle Fultz.. This guy has been unbelievable to start the year but not many have gotten a chance to see this kid play because he is in the Pacific Northwest and Washington sucks. He’s 6-5, 190 with around a 7-0 wingspan. He’s extremely athletic, with the handles and quickness to get in the lane for a dunk or draw the foul (58 FT already in 7 games). Not only that but the kid can stroke it from range (13-28 3PT). He is also a very polished passer, averaging 6.6 APG, which has been huge to start the year with the outside shooters surrounding him on Washington, with Crisp and Thybulle both shooting over 46% from 3. The Huskies are currently shooting 42% from range this season, which ranks 8th best in the nation and also rebound at a very strong rate (#34 in nation) with Noah Dickerson and Malik Dime in the paint. The Huskies play at an extremely fast pace, which is entertaining to watch (especially if they are knocking down J’s). However, they are also equally bad on the defensive end of the court and the pace, combined with a couple cold streaks throughout the game has been their downfall early on, ultimately leading to a 4-3 start.

Which brings us to tonight and the main reason for this post… Making money.

11:00 / ESPN 2 : Washington (3-4,4-3) @ #8 Gonzaga (3-2,8-0) — Zags -14.5

Coming off a 2-0 Saturday, I’m now sitting at 4-1 on posted plays this season, with  a 15-3 overall record on College Basketball YTD. I’ve been picking out spots and calling my shots. This is a SPOT! This game is going to be a shit ton of fun to watch and any time you can see a future lock for a top 5 pick against top competition it is must see TV. Nonetheless, this is a matchup I can’t pass up. Everyone is going to love marveling over Fultz’s immense talent and the announcers will be praising the living hell out of this kid for the first 10 minutes, making as many NBA comparisons as possible (D-Wade is the only one you need to know).

Meanwhile, the announcers will finally come up for air after a solid 10 minute Fultz fellatio only to realize the Zags are up 15.

I was on the Zags Saturday against Zona, which was another W and I’m rolling with them again tonight. I think this thing starts in the paint with Karnowski for the Zags. Arizona tried to play him straight up in the post on Saturday, rotating Ristic, Comanche and even Markkanen at times but had no chance of stopping the big fella’s left hook off the right block. Those are 3 skilled bigs on Zona that tried and failed to stop Karnowski. Washington has only one solid big man on the defensive end in Malik Dime and he will be on the bench with 2 before the 5-minute mark. Karnowski gets 20 plus here unless Romar elects for perimeter help from the Guards, which will be just as devastating considering Karnowski’s passing ability out of the post and NWG, Josh Perkins and Jordan Matthews shooting lights out to start the season.

The talent on this team is truly incredible with the three perimeters guys just mentioned, along with Silas Melson, but the depth of the front court is among the best in the nation. Karnowski is obviously great and like 32 years old but Johnathan Williams and Killian Tillie have been solid to start the year, as well. The future of Gonzaga over the next couple years may be true freshman, Zach Collins. This is a skilled 7-footer out of Bishop Gorman who came in as a top 40 prospect and has been extremely impressive. This team is going to be capital D Dangerous come March.

Big wager on the Zags tonight at -14.5 so get your bets in early and sit back and enjoy some high quality ball tonight. I’m expecting something around 92-69 in this one.

BET : Gonzaga -14.5



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