Tiger Watch: Round 1 Recap

Today was a HUGE day for all the T.Woods fan boys and ya boy Sdot is one of biggest Tiger loyalists around.  Today was time in 15 months that we have seen Tiger play a competitive golf round.  I watched a majority of the round and was impressed by some of his swings today.  Most of all I was happy he actually finished, even though he doubled 2 out of the last 3 holes.


– Short Game: What a difference from what we have been accustom to seeing.  The chipping was on point, minus one shot. The throwback Scotty Cameron was solid.  He rolled in some birdie and crucial par putts.

– Driving: For the most part the driving was good.  His miss was left all day and it cost him on two holes.  The best part was his tempo with the new Taylormade M2 driver.  He stayed smooth all day and didn’t try to over power the course.  I think he will only get better as soon as he is comfortable with the adjustable driver.



– Scrambling: This is what made Tiger unbeatable in his prime and will only come back with more and more reps, something that we hope his body allows him to do.  When he had uneven lies, long shots from the sand/waste areas it cost him.

– The Finish: He shit himself coming down the stretch today.  He has been notoriously clutch in the past when he needed to be but today he ran out of gas.  Tiger said he was hungry and needed some energy to finish.  It really showed with two bad double bogeys to move from -3 to +1.

Round 2 tomorrow with Justin Rose……..



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