Adult Sick Day

Throwback to when we were kids…

It used to be so cool to stay home from school when you were sick or acted like you were sick.  Staying home and crushing ginger ales and saltines was the TITS.  What made it all better was watching TV ALL DAY.  Staying home to watch American Gladiators, Price is Right, Cartoons, Sportscenter on repeat was awesome.  And of course making miraculous recovery when your friends got home to go play outside with them. bob.jpg

Live look at today…

I have been coughing my ass off all week with a sore throat, headache and just an overall mess.  I decided to call out and stay home.  That brings me to why adult sick days are just not as cool.  First of all I still get 500 emails from work and phone calls about stuff I should be doing, so basically working from home.  Yeah, we still have TV and even the benefit of Netflix, HBO and others but it just aint the same without my boy BOB BARKER.  The worst part is, you can take my man card, my mom isnt here to grab me gingers and saltines.  I miss having someone there to take care of me.  WHERE IS THE JELLO????



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