BALL Don’t Lie…Part 3

I may or may not have put our a weekly NBA recap last week, so lets play some catch up.

As always we start with the Power Rankings:

1. WARRRRRRIIIIIOOOOORRRRSSSS – On fire of late at home, outscoring opponents by 20.
2. CAVS – Lebron and the boys keep coasting.  Kevin Love set an NBA record by scoring 34 points in the first quarter, hitting 8 threes.  WHAT?
3. SPURS – Dudes are ROBOTS.  They are 9-0 on the road and winners of 8 straight.
4. CLIPPERS – 8-2 against teams over 500.  Are they peaking early?
5. RAPTORS – The Drake/Durant bump made the headlines but people should be paying attention to DeMar DeRozan who is making an MVP case.


29. SIXERS – 3-3 in their last 6.  Still havent won on the road though….FREE EMBID, let the kid play more than 20 minutes.



  1. Westbrook – (+200) Averaging: 31 ppg, 11 apg, 9 rpg – YA BOY is chasing Oscar
  2. Harden – (+350) Leading the league in Assists
  3. DeRozan (+3300) – 30 ppg, Toronto is FLAMES of late
  4. LEBRON – (+800) because hes fucking LEBRON – Unreal value at +800
  5. Embid – because TRUST THE PROCESS




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