What Duke Is Thankful For

Gobble gobble mother truckers. Its Turkey Day.  When the heavyweights have unlimited food and the beer flows like the Salmon of Capistrano.  It’s a great day to take stock of what’s around you and acknowledge everything you are thankful for.  Here is the definitive list of what i’m thankful for.

  1. buckeyes Ohio State football is what Saturday’s are for.  For the boys?  Sure.  But Saturdays have always and will always be for the Buckeyes!
  2. overeasysportsOverEasySports.com has come out of nowhere.  What was dreamed up from a drunken night out and a gap in the marketplace has turned in to a fun community that continues to grow.  We appreciate you all reading and commenting on our site.  Keep it up.
  3. white-people   Family.  That’s not my family but that is a typical white family.  Love the fam and they love me back.  Family first.
  4. lilyermak  Shoulder Boulders.  What a franchise this has turned into.  The internet is never short of girls willing to get partially naked on social media to get famous.  I’m happy to bring these to you every morning.
  5. roo  My dog, Rooney.  Look at this stud.  Quite honestly, I’m really close to putting those eyes to work.  Dog food people need actors for their commercials.  Little man is starting to pile up a hefty vet bill.  Needs to pull his weight.
  6. Mrs. Duke.  No picture guys, but she’s on the list. Save the best for last


There it is.  A simple list.  I left a million things off but this gets it going.  What are you thankful for?  Hit me up on twitter and I’ll re-tweet every one.  Eat turkey, get drunk.


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