It’s Michigan Week and I KNOW Ohio State is Gonna Strut That Ass

For those who aren’t involved in the rivalry it really is tough to explain.  This rivalry is unlike any other rivalry known to mankind.  We are talking Isrealites and the Philistines here.  Captain Ahab and the whale.  Jim Harbaugh and normal human interaction.  THAT kind of rivalry.

Tradition up and down the board.  Noon kick off Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Skull Sessions.  Blocking out all of the “M”s in Ohio for the week.  Jumping in Mirror Lake the Tuesday before game day.  Well, at least they used to  until some kid had to screw it up for the rest of us and die.  Now it’s cancelled.  Seriously, this used to get pretty wild.

Keep in mind it’s like 20 degrees at night when this shit is going down.  Everyone is so black out drunk that no one really cares and just wants to have a good time.  What do the kids do now that its cancelled?

This year’s game shapes up like many in the past.  Two top 5 teams in the country with everything on the line. Here is every result since I’ve been alive.

1983 Ann Arbor Michigan (#8) 24–21
1984 Columbus Ohio State (#11) 21–6
1985 Ann Arbor Michigan (#6) 27–17
1986 Columbus Michigan (#6) 26–24
1987 Ann Arbor Ohio State 23–20
1988 Columbus Michigan (#12) 34–31
1989 Ann Arbor Michigan (#3) 28–18
1990 Columbus Michigan (#15) 16–13
1991 Ann Arbor Michigan (#4) 31–3
1992 Columbus Tie 13–13
1993 Ann Arbor Michigan 28–0
1994 Columbus Ohio State (#22) 22–6
1995 Ann Arbor Michigan (#18) 31–23
1996 Columbus Michigan (#21) 13–9
1997 Ann Arbor Michigan (#1) 20–14
1998 Columbus Ohio State (#7) 31–16
1999 Ann Arbor Michigan (#10) 24–17
2000 Columbus Michigan (#19) 38–26
2001 Ann Arbor Ohio State 26–20
2002 Columbus Ohio State (#2) 14–9
2003 Ann Arbor Michigan (#5) 35–21
2004 Columbus Ohio State 37–21
2005 Ann Arbor Ohio State (#9) 25–21
2006 Columbus Ohio State (#1) 42–39
2007 Ann Arbor Ohio State (#7) 14–3
2008 Columbus Ohio State (#10) 42–7
2009 Ann Arbor Ohio State (#9) 21–10
2010 Columbus Ohio State (#12) 37–7
2011 Ann Arbor Michigan (#15) 40–34
2012 Columbus Ohio State (#4) 26–21
2013 Ann Arbor Ohio State (#3) 42–41
2014 Columbus Ohio State (#6) 42–28
2015 Ann Arbor Ohio State (#8) 42–13

Ohio State has won 17 games. Michigan has won 15 games.  Recently this rivalry has been very one sided with Ohio State winning 13 times, including 4 in a row since 2000.  Prior to that run it was all Michigan.  They won 13 games from ’83-’00.

Here is why I know OSU is gonna strut that ass.  Quick shout out to ‘Strut that ass’ guy.

Michigan Passing
John O’Korn 7/16 59 3.7 0 0 28.6
TEAM 7/16 59 3.7 0 0

If Michigan is unable to pass the ball, this game could get ugly.  This game is being played in the Shoe.  108k people screaming their mildly buzzed heads off.  Speight most likely not playing with the collarbone injury.  O’Korn playing poorly spells death for the Wolverines.  I expect the playbook to be emptied, as it always is when these two teams match up.  Peppers at QB, RB, WR, CB, S, LB, C, OT, DE, PG, SG, F, CM, G…  We get it guys.  You are desperately trying to hype up your one good player for the Heisman race.  Peppers is a talent for sure but PLEASE line him up at QB for 20 plays on Saturday.  That is all OSU.

For Ohio State, just play your game.  Stay ahead of the chains.  Play solid defense.  Fly to ball.  Don’t over complicate things.  We’ve been waiting 364 days for this.  NOW WE GO!


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