Bruce Arena Is Your New US Men’s National Team Coach…Again

I don’t know how I feel about this to be honest.  Is he qualified?  Absolutely.  Is he an exciting hire?  Not really.  Will he turn things around and get us to Russia?  1 billion percent.

To be fair, I think I could turn things around and get this team qualified in the Hex.  It was time for a new voice.   Jurgen was relentlessly positive.  He reminded me of Enthusiastic Parker from Friends.

While Bruce Arena has been in the job before, none of the current squad will have been a part of the 2006 team that failed to launch.  My hope is that Bruce will faze out the old guard quickly and blood some new talent.

Jermaine Jones, Wondo, Clint Dempsey, Beckerman, etc have all been great soldiers.  They’ve earned their place in the record books but this is a young man’s game.  We have so much talent at our disposal that finding the right voice to galvanize the team was most important.  According to Sunil Gulati, that voice is Bruce Arena.

One CRITICAL area to watch is foreign born players.  From a few years ago…”Players on the nat’l team should be American. If they’re born in other countries, we aren’t making progress.” -Bruce Arena

Brucey Brucey Brucey.  I get the American pride.  I’m all USA USA USA. But we also like winners and we love the troops.  Are you telling me John Brooks shouldn’t get a shot with our National Team because his hero military father was stationed in Germany defending our freedom when little Johnny was born??  I think cooler heads prevail and we play the best players at our disposal.

I rate this hire 4/5 sad Jurgens



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