Today I’m Thankful that Jurgen Klinsmann is Finally Gone

It was fun while it lasted but GTFO dude.

From earlier this week after losing 2 games in a row.

Jurgen Klinsmann says critics calling for his firing ‘don’t understand soccer’

This is part of my problem with Jurgen that I’ve touched on earlier last week…he’s looked down upon the American game since he took over the job.  He doesn’t think the MLS is a reputable league.  He doesn’t think American’s have the work ethic and dedication to win the World Cup.  Say Gute Nacht.

Apparently Sunil Gulati doesn’t understand soccer and I couldn’t agree with the decision any more.  He needed to go and he’s gone.  Peace and chicken grease.

Who’s next?  Rumors have Bruce Arena jumping in again.  He did have moderate success his last go round but I don’t think now is the time for a retread.  Time for new blood.  Today I’m thankful that Jurgen can go back to the beach and hang out while the Men’s National Team picks up the pieces and qualifies for the World Cup.


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