ESPN Trolling College Football Fans


Louisville fans are up in arms this morning as they were “left out” of the November 15th College Football Playoff rankings.  Hey college football fans…

big cat figure it out.gif

This is first and foremost a TV show.  This will have zero impact on the final standings.  Granted, there are only 3 weeks left if you include championship week but let the damn games play themselves out.  Who’s to say Ohio State doesn’t lose to MSU?  If you answered nobody you are correct.  But seriously, rivalry week is coming up.  Anything could happen.

Quick recap of last nights winners and losers


Alabama – win out and you are in

Michigan – win out and you are in

Clemson – win out and you are in

BIG Ten – Possibility of having 2 entries into this years college football playoff just got real.



Every nerd who left their locker to make a big deal about the CFB rankings in the middle of November.

ESPN – THIS is what you are reduced too on a Tuesday night?  I get times are tough at the WWL but with NBA, college basketball, MACtion, etc available how is this your best options.

Check back before Championship Week for every bloggers CFB final rankings and predictions..



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