The Torture Chamber(s)

This will be a re-occurring blog about Penn State Basketball. Overeasy sports is THE leader in award winning Penn State basketball coverage.  This week we review the first two games and take a look at the seasons biggest games.  Are yall ready to get LOCKED IN to the TORTURE Chamber(s)…

GAME ONE: Penn State falls to Albany 87-81
Typical start to the season for the boys.  Why win the first game?  It just sets up unrealistic expectations.  We have six new faces in the line up with ZERO seniors.  Who needs senior leadership when you have a coach like Pat Chambers.  Albany our rebounded us by 20 and that was the difference in the game.  We are still playing around with our line up and want to get all the new ballers some experience.  Shep Garner lead the lions in scoring with 25.  We got our first look at Mike Watkins, who got fucked by the NCAA last year and he is going to be a BEAST.

GAME TWO: Penn State beats the shit out of Duquense 82-74
BIG W for the boys tonight.  Chambers unleashed the best freshman back court in the country as Lamar Stevens and Tony Carr combined for 44 points. This game went back and forth but the Lions were able to hit 6-7 from DEEEEEP in the second half to pull ahead late.  If we can get the young guards to play like this all season we will make some noise in the BIG10. This is Pat Chambers most talented team during his tenure at PSU with a nice mix of freshman talent to go along with some returning starters.  

Up next in the TORTURE CHAMBER(s):

Thunder Dan and his Grand Canyon Boys




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