The Final CFB Playoff Rankings (prediction)

YA boy Sdot aint got no time for the CFB Committee rankings.  They are a bunch of washed up losers sitting around getting paid to act like they are watching college football.  They are out of touch and we need to mix it up.  That’s why I spent hours this past weekend breaking down the madness and putting my picks together.

  1. BAMA  – SEC Champs – undefeated….Roll damn tide
  2. Penn State – BIG10 Champs – quality wins over Wisconsin and Ohio State
  3. Colorado – PAC12 Champs – 12-1 Against the spread, love the Buffalo
  4. Ohio State – Backdoor city here.  Only loss was to Penn State…Give em BAMA and a PSU Rematch

Outside looking in:
Clemson/Louisville – cant have a wack ass ACC team in.
Michigan – They lost to Iowa – fuck em
Washington – They just dont get high enough for me to like them

Ohio State BEATS Bama
Penn State BEATS Colorado

Championship game:
Ohio State destroys Penn State – yeah, we got lucky the first time…PIZZA for everyone



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