Week 10: Nebraska @ Ohio State

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Hello boys, I’m back!!  Holy shit did I take some time off.  Stupid work got in the way then took a vacay back to Nebraska and now getting back in the swing of things.  Enough stupid shit, lets dive into this weeks game.

This week the Big Red have the big bad Buckeyes of Ohio State on the schedule.  The Buckeyes have looked vulnerable the last two weeks with a loss at Penn State and a battle with the nerds of Northwestern.  Big Red will be coming of a tough loss last week to Wisconsin so hopefully they get their shit together and show up.  Still shocked the spread is at 17 right now.  Fucking Vegas.  Lets take a look at the Buckeyes.

Head Coach

Urban Meyer – 57-5 at Ohio State (161-28 overall record)

This dude can coach.  Everywhere he has been he has led them to nothing but victories.  He has never stayed anywhere very long (longest tenure is 6 years at Florida) but he just may stay at Ohio State for some time.  I am just hoping he puts Tim Beck in charge of the offense this week because all Husker fans know how shitty of an OC he is.

Key Player

J.T Barrett, QB #16 – Barrett is one of if not the most dynamic QB in the Big 10.  Still trying to figure why the fuck he didn’t start all last year.  Had to be Tim Beck trying to make a name for himself.  Anyway, as long as the Blackshirts can keep him in the pocket and make him throw the ball, huge advantage to the Big Red.  If we can keep this guy under wraps, watch out.  Defense played solid last week and wasn’t scared to hit someone.


The Buckeyes do have some dynamic players behind Barrett that can change games in a blink of an eye.  But those boys are young and can be very up and down.  Same goes for their defense.  They can be dynamic but they do have holes.  Even though our O-Line is being held together by Elmers glue and toothpicks they held up last week and hopefully have another week in them.  Northwestern shredded the Buckeye D last week with crossing routes.  If Tommy can hit the receivers in stride we are looking at some big gains.  Their run D has been solid all year.  If our pieced together O-Line can block their brains out Newby will get some yards, along with the slew of back ups.

The Blackshirts need to by physical and on point this week.  If the secondary can keep the high level of play rolling we should be sitting pretty damn well.  Buckeyes do not like to stretch the field via the pass game.  A lot of short routes so the D needs to tackle well.  Speaking of tackling holy shit did Josh Banderas have a hell of game last week.  I have been critical of this dude but he came to play last week, along with Nate Gerry.  Both dudes played hard, fast, and physical.  Loved watching that.  Reminded me of the good ol’ days.

After all that, and I HATE to do this, I do see Ohio State winning.  Nebraska will cover the spread but the injuries will catch up and hurt us.  I will be yelling my ass off and be living and dying with each and every play.  Fuck I hope we win.  Need it big time.  Kickoff will be 8 pm eastern on ABC.

Ohio State 24 Nebraska 14

Check out the Dropping Dimes Podcast on iTunes where I give a breakdown for this week.  Great stuff every week.





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