NFL Cancels Hall of Fame Game…Now What Am I Going To Bet On???

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Mother Fucker.  Roger Goodell is the worst.  How soft are football players?   You think Eric Lindross doesn’t take his 15th concussion because of some sticky paint on the ice?  Hell no.  He’s putting on his pads one leg at a time and skating out to what may or may not be his side of the ice.

Quite honestly, this saves me 3-4 hours of terrible football played by guys scraping the bottom of the barrel to make the 53 man roster but still…PAINT?!  One of the more outrageous reasons to cancel a football game.

How bummed is the guy who takes care of the field in Canton right now?  You have ONE job that is on the national spotlight ONE day a year.  Update the resume.  Ha…cause groundskeepers have resumes.  Yes, guy who used to handle the field in Canton, I would like fries with that.  Sunday Scarries on a million trillion.

To the bigger issue, what am I going to bet on tonight?  I had a DK lineup all fired up for the first round of pre-season games.  Watched quite a bit of fencing today.  Beach volleyball.  Doug Douglas…help a brother out!  What’s the play?

Also, Go Pack Go!




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