Does it Really Matter the HOF Game was Cancelled??

Image result for no, no, shit no office spaceAs my boy Lawrence from Office Space stated above, shit no.  Does it suck for the fans who spent their time, money and vacation for this weekend, eh maybe.  It’s not like they didn’t have plenty of entertainment throughout the entire weekend.  They had a Tim McGraw concert on Friday, Hall of Fame enshrinement last night and whatever else Canton puts on for the weekend (which I imagine is plenty of shit, if not they are fucking stupid).  So I am sure they had plenty of fun but at the end of the day player safety has to be #1.

After having all the crazy pre-season injuries last season no need to send players out on a field that isn’t up to par.  I mean this was the same field that ended the season, and possibly the career, for kicker Shaun Suisham.  The only people this might affect are the players that need to impress to stay on the team.  Unless they get hurt due to sub par field conditions then the “hardest part of the job” for the coaches are done for them.  They still have just as many pre-season games as every single other team to make a statement.  Yes, it would have been nice to see some football tonight to get the juices going but that’s what the CFL has been doing, for me at least, over the last 2 months.  If you haven’t been watching the CFL suck it up until Thursday because that is when the madness will begin.

PS – If you really didn’t know that was Lawrence from Office Space then get a goddamn life.




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