The Atlanta Hawks STINK


Let the offseason begin.  Teague…gone.  This had to happen right?  In return, they received the #12 pick in the upcoming draft that by all accounts is Steve Urkle weak.

Ze German Schroeder is set to take over the starting PG spot in a move that is happening a year too late.  Why not make this move a year ago when Teague looked healthy and could have fetched a top 10 pick?

More to the point, what exactly are the Hawks trying to be?  No matter the sport, middle of the road is not the way.  Al Horford?  He’s a max contract player that is NOT a max player on the floor.  Millsaps?  Solid, not spectacular.  Korver?  Former Mr. Kardashian?  Fuck off.  The Hawks are currently, and will continue to be, a low playoff seeded team that will simultaneously miss the draft lottery and exit the playoffs early.

Solution?  Sneaky blow it up.  Not quite Sam Hinkie style blow it up. Sneaky blow it up.    No one goes to the games anyways.  Let Horford walk.  Trade Millsaps at the deadline for cap relief the following year.  Bring Dwight Howard back to the A.  You want a lottery pick?  Bring in a max contract guy who will only play 45 games a year.  Instead, manage his minutes next year to get ready for ’17/’18.  Lose this year and lose big.  Let Millsaps score 40 a game to improve his trade value.  Let Schroeder and Millsaps run 300 pick and rolls a game.  Hell trade both because you could build a hell of a team the next summer.

Who’s available next summer?  Steph Curry.  Ever heard of him?  Russell Westbrook.  Freak.  Blake Griffin.  Blasian?  The Greek Freak.  Alphabet soup good.  Chris Paul.  Best PG in the universe.  Serge Ibaka.  Ibaka Flaka Flame.  Gordon Hayward.  You can’t build though the draft when you are picking 21st.

Would you see this team in ’17?

Schroeder, Westbrook, Hayward, Ibaka, Howard?

I know for damn sure I’m not watching Schroeder, Sefalosha, Bazemore, Millsaps, Horford.



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